“I particularly liked the mini lemon melting moments, which were super-cute, buttery and crumbly. I was impressed to see the very short ingredients list: wheat flour, butter, custard powder, icing sugar and natural lemon flavour. (Exactly what I’d use if I were making melting moments at home!)”

Lucy B

“I have been meaning to send you a message to say we received the amazing box of cookies thank you!! They are soo delicious, I especially like the jam shortbreads – I shared a few boxes with my mothers group, they didn’t last long there. And also with my neighbours- they are very popular!”


“Quickly made a cup of Italian espresso to share with my mum, mmmm goes so well with Charlie’s Cookies. My husband who rarely eats a biscuit (not a sweet-tooth like myself) ate two!!! Will share the box with family and distinguished guests.!”


“Can’t stop eating Charlie’s bite size triple choc chip cookies!!!! :-0″


“Just purchased your biscuits to try, WOW they are lovely and fresh and taste delicious, plenty in the pack and just the right size, trouble is stopping at one, as they are bite size, I found I had a big bite! Will be buying these again, and not sharing! Great to find a biscuit that is worth the money!!!”


“Yesterday I got my first Charlies Cookies in a cup (orange blossom & dark chocolate) WOW WOW the best cookies I ever tried (I’ve tried them all ). Cute style, not as sweet as others , they are simply addictive 🙂 . I got them from my local Woolies store. That cup is the smartest packing, cookies stay crunchy and …


“My favourite cookies are the white chocolate and macadamia cookies. They are amazing melt in your mouth. I drive to the other side of Melbourne just to buy these cookies for snacks and party bringers. Mmmmmm YUM. I love most cookies, but this one takes the cookie.” Source – Not Quite Nigella competition.


“Simply adore your Brown Sugar and Mixed Nut shortbread!”


“I’ve tried some of your biscuits and they’re really good. My favourites are melting moments. Those little Charlie’s ones are just wonderful. Perfect size and the lemon is a lovely touch.” Source – Not Quite Nigella competition.


“I love Charlie’s Cookies! They taste like home-made which I find a lot of others don’t. The lemon melting moments and brown sugar pecan shortbread are seriously addictive!”